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Naked Young Models

Sexy photography and nude videos of beautiful girls, young teens and awesome models, charming and passionate. Wet pussy, topless, erotic and naked.

Lorena G. - The Fire Within The Bloom @ Femjoy
It’s a quiet, serene day at the lakeside as Lorena G takes off her thong and begins languishing on the dock. She begins dipping her feet and hands in the water and then touching herself in the beautiful way that Lorena G does best. She arches her back, letting water drip from her hands to her body in the setting sun.

The water reflects her gorgeous limbs and genuine smile. You know she is having a wonderful time touching herself and sharing it with you. The slight lens glare transports her and you to another time and space, where we’d all like to spend more time.

Take a dip with Lorena, you’ll love it.


Fiva - The Raising Of Fiva @ Femjoy
Watch Fiva as she awakes fully nude in one of the most beautiful mountain side rocks on earth… or maybe it’s so beautiful because she has decided to rest her pretty body there. Either way, she is tantalizing as she arches her back like a cat and stretches out her limbs. You can see her body purring.

The wind rustles the ground around her soft dark hair. She crawls up to look over the rock and then retreats back to her hiding place. She turns on every side, a mountain creature waking and reacquainting with the real world.

Please Fiva, for us, always be the true natural beauty you are.


Belinda - Good Morning @ Femjoy
Imagine waking up and looking over at Belinda getting ready in your bathroom mirror. And you can watch her, freshly waken from sleep, arranging her pretty blond hair, taking off her trim nighty, and smiling at herself in the mirror. Yes, we’re pleased by what we see too!

Belinda has one of the best bodies of our ladies at FEMJOY. She is fit, with roundness in all the right places, and long blond hair. You get to see everything up close and personal in this great morning video.

Belinda stretches her arms, and is ready for the day!


Jayla - I love My Breasts @ Femjoy

This week’s exclusive video features the gorgeous and voluptuous Jayla… and her beautiful, beautiful breasts. There’s not much else to say really… they are beautiful, just like the rest of her, and we love them, and her as well. It’s always wonderful working with a sweetheart like Jayla. She makes the entire crew feel at ease because she’s so comfortable with herself, which, as you well know, makes her even sexier. Here’s what some of our members had to say about this natural Femjoy beauty;

"I love Jayla’s breasts too and she has an ass to die for. She is so beautiful in every way. I’d like to see much more of this beauty."

"Jayla, I too love your breasts!!!. Actually I love the whole package!!!. You are simply gorgeous. Your lovely,shapely butt, Is without question a thing of beauty. Thank you for the great video."

"This is a really fun video, and it’s always a joy to see Jayla again. She’s looking beautiful as always, and is such a sweetheart. One of my all-time favorite women here."

Jayla is wonderful! I love her breasts too! She has such a terrific body with a beautiful golden tan. I love how at ease she is with herself, her enjoyment in being nude and sharing her beauty with the viewer. She comes across as very sweet and fun loving. Just a lovely video of a sweetie.

We couldn’t have said it any better! We’re so glad to be able to bring you the sweet and beautiful Jayla in all her glory.
Erotic Sex – gorgeous and beautiful models, erotic sex scenes.


Fiona - Having Fun @ Femjoy
Two beautiful nymphs play on the oceans edge – naked of course. Their flowing red and brunette hair blows in their face and on each other’s bodies… they walk side by side, their breasts touch and they smile and hug. The look out at the ocean, at each other, and at the camera in their seductive and playful ways. Then holding hands, they run along the beach’s edge.

A white sheet wraps them together and they twirl and spin, running with the sheet blowing in the end. They run into the water, get on their hands and knees, crawl around, let the wind blow in their hair and water get their legs and other parts wet.

A perfect day at the beach.


Lorena G. - Stolen Beauty @ Femjoy
Lorena G. is enchanting in this video by Michael Sandberg. She speaks to our members in English and Spanish. We learn about her and what she likes – and get to hear her very sexy voice as she rolls around without underwear on a heavenly spring day.

She is adorable as she speaks a bit of German as well, and reveals what a truly sweet girl she is. And then she takes of her light dress and yes, we are in heaven. Listen to her voice and watch her enjoy herself in the sunny outdoors. This is a magic video of a magic young lady.

This is just on example of what is so special about FEMJOY. Come celebrate the beauty and sweetness of our models – inside and out.


Belinda - Right @ Femjoy
Belinda is stunning in this incredibly sensual video on a mountain’s edge. Starting with her sunglasses on, she proceeds to take them off and touch her soft, sumptuous body with her legs nice and open.

She seems to get chilly for a moment as the wind blows her hair. And then she smiles at us, letting us in on her little secret. It truly is heaven, watching such a beautiful body moving around on a cliff’s edge.

You’ll be sorry if you miss Belinda :-)


Nena - Affair @ Femjoy
Nena sits on the window seat, totally naked with coffee mug in hand. Closes the curtains, opens them, and lets the soft light shine on her body. A nice close-up of her behind putting on a pair of jeans… what could she be waiting for? Oh – it’s an affair. Poor, sweet girl.

But, since this man (or woman) doesn’t seem to be coming, she entertains herself. Slowly showing us what she’s capable of. And what this poor person who hasn’t shown up yet is missing. Well, good for us that we get to enjoy her instead!

Come see more of sweet Nena.


Lizzie - Closer To Nature @ Femjoy
Beautiful curvy Lizzie takes us on an adventure in the woods. She finds a four leaf clover, throws leaves in the air, and plays hide-and-seek behind trees. As you’ll see, her great breasts and beautiful face are the star in these woods.

And then things turn naughty… She lies down on the ground and begins touching herself all over. Then does plays with a fern across her body as well. We love that she’s enjoying herself – though I’m not sure if it’s as much as we are enjoying her beautiful body and presence…

Let’s go to the woods with Lizzie.


Fiva - Give me your hand @ Femjoy
The wind is blowing on the beach, blowing Belinda’s skirt up as she offers her hand to Fiva – and then they both stand and run with the wind blowing their hair and thin white dresses. They quickly playfully take their dresses of each other. And then they play naked on the rocks right at the oceans edge, getting a little wet and holding hands.

Then the sun starts setting, and you can see in thier eyes how much they care for each other and what a fantastic time they are having. And then the kissing starts, and the hugging. And they touch and move sand around on each other’s bodies… They jump in the water; a perfect end to such an outing.

Share the love of these two beauties at FEMJOY.